Outdoor navigation

Audible waypoints are placed automatically along the path the user has to follow

Hands free

With spatial audio the waypoints can be heard naturally: simply follow the sounds you hear

Hear the obstacles

Spatial sound can also be assigned to obstacles along the way so the user is aware of what to avoid

Familiar routes

We will take you as much as possible through places and routes you already know

Avoid challenging locations

Avoid going through crowded places, large squares or construction sites

Increased awareness

Hear a description of shops and other points of interest around you as you walk

How to use it

The core of our product is a software app that you can download and install on a smartphone. Spatial audio can then be heard using any headphone model. Of course we recommend open headphones so you are totally aware of the real sounds in the world around. Our app also supports selected open headphone models with motion sensors, for an amazing and intuitive experience. Our mission is to enable everyone to go out of their homes and be part of the world in an easy way, be it to go to work or to simply go for a relaxed walk.

Behind the scenes

Our app uses state-of-the art computer vision methods to determine the user’s location and acoustic simulation methods to generate augmented audio content used for guidance and awareness.

Spatial audio

Spatial audio simulates the way people naturally understand sound locations in the real world. Using this technique, our virtual way points are as easy to find as your friend calling you from across the street.

Holistic solution

Our app integrates all the features necessary to help you walk on the street with confidence and ease. You’ll never again need to switch between different apps while navigating.

Who we are

We are a interdisiplinary team who believes that easy to use, advanced technology can have a strong impact in people's lifes.
Hugo Furtado

Hugo Furtado


Hugo has been a researcher in the field of medical augmented reality and computer vision for over 10 years. He is also passionate about spatial audio. He conceived and implemented the original idea for dreamwaves.

Liliana Calapez

Liliana Calapez

User experience

Liliana is a Communication Designer with a degree in multimedia and communication design and a technical specialization in graphic design. She has over 10 years of experience in product design and online marketing agencies.

Elke Mattheiss

Elke Mattheiss

Usability and Accessibility Research

Elke is an experienced Ux researcher and data scientist. For about 9 years she was responsible for implementing quantitative and qualitative research methods with a special focus on accessibility for visually impaired people.

Alessandro Mulloni

Alessandro Mulloni

Lead developer

Alessandro is a passionate designer, developer and user of mobile tools that make life easier. He has been creating interactive VR and AR mobile experiences for more than 10 years.

Giovanni Fusco

Giovanni Fusco


Giovanni is software engineer with a PhD on computer vision. He has been working as a researcher since several years on indoor navigation using AR and machine learning for blind and visually impaired people.


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