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The world's first spatial audio navigation app

See the world through your ears.

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Orientation is a fundamental challenge. Find your way quickly and without effort. Forget the map! We'll take you there.

  1. Audio Augmented Reality

    Virtual waypoints are placed in the real world around you

  2. Spatial Audio

    You can hear the waypoints as if a friend was calling

  3. Navigation by Hearing

    Follow the sounds until the destination. Simple and hands-free

The waveOut app

“Our mission is to make navigation easy for everyone.”

Our navigation app runs on a smartphone and is currently available for iOS. Headphones are needed to hear the waypoints. Even though we use spatial audio, any headphones model will work. For the best experience, we recommend open headphones so you are always aware of the world around you. For an amazing experience we will support selected hearables. Stay tuned!

  • Behind the scenes

    An intuitive experience requires that the virtual content is displayed flawlessly to the users. We use state-of-the art computer vision methods to determine the location of the user within the world. We take the latest augmented reality toolkits, global positioning advances and machine learning methods, combine them with some magic and obtain the position with incredible accuracy.
  • Spatial audio

    Spatial audio simulates the way people naturally understand sound locations. When a phone rings, or a friend calls, you immediately turn your head. Spatial audio does the same and we use this to help you find the next waypoint in the easiest way.
  • Holistic solution

    Our app integrates all the features necessary to help you walk on the street with confidence and ease. You'll never again need to switch between different apps while navigating.

The waveOut web planner

Created to make a difference in your route planning.
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  1. Plan your next trip easily and comfortably online.
  2. Save it on your account.
  3. Start that route in waveOut mobile later.
  4. You can also save your favorite places, they will be synchronized and live in your account.

Our main features

Thought to make your life easier.
Outdoor Navigation
Outdoor Navigation
Virtual waypoints are placed automatically along the path you need to follow. The waypoints are connected with the real world but only exist in the app: your reality is augmented.
Hands Free
Hands Free
The waypoints can be heard naturally with spatial audio: simply follow the sounds you hear. No need to look at the screen.
Hear the obstacles
Hear the obstacles
Spatial sounds can be assigned to obstacles along the way. Making you more aware of what to avoid.
Familiar routes
Familiar routes
We will take you as much as possible through places and routes you already know.
Avoid challenging locations
Avoid challenging locations
Avoid going through crowded places, large squares or construction sites.
Increased awareness
Increased awareness
Hear a description of shops and other points of interest around you as you walk
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Meet the team

“We are an interdisciplinary team of experts and we believe that advanced technology should be easy to use and have a strong positive impact on people's lives.”
  • Hugo Furtado . CEO

    Hugo has been a researcher in the field of medical augmented reality and Computer Vision for over 10 years. He is also passionate about spatial audio. He conceived and implemented the original idea for Dreamwaves.

    Hugo Furtado
  • Elke Mattheiss . COO & Data Analytics

    Elke is an experienced UX researcher and data scientist with a degree in psychology and software engineering. She has applied quantitative research methods for over 10 years, partially with focus on navigation as well as accessibility for people with visual impairments.

    Elke Mattheiss
  • Liliana Calapez . CPO & UI/UX

    Liliana is a Communication Designer with a degree in multimedia and communication design and a technical specialization in graphic design. She has over 10 years of experience in product design and online marketing agencies.

    Liliana Calapez
  • Lukas Zimmermann . CTO

    Lukas is a biomedical engineer who worked in the field of medical physics and computer vision for over 5 years. His research focused on the utilization of deep learning models to extract meaningful and valuable information from medical images.

    Lukas Fetty
  • Alessandro Mulloni . Software Developer

    Alessandro is a passionate designer, developer and user of mobile tools that make life easier. He has been creating interactive mobile experiences for more than 15 years.

    Allesandro Mulloni
  • Alexandre Gil Campos . Software Developer

    Alexandre is a computer science engineer who believes that technology can play a key role in creating positive impact. He developed an AR mobile app for assisting first responders in disaster situations and is working in the development of web applications for over 2 years.

    Alexandre Gil Campos


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